Eat fruit, better before or after meals?

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We should keep in mind the the recommended daily quantity of fruit is 2 or three pieces.  According into some WHO and FAO report, it is advisable to consume at a minimum of 400 g  of fruits (and veggies ) daily.  Having said that, it ought to be clarified when we have doubts regarding whether it is better into consume fruit before or after foods , we do this thinking about weight, since we have read and heard several times that taking fruit may not be the better idea if we wish to win the struggle to the scale.  However, this opinion contains detractors and fans.

Some of the arguments of those who defend it is better to carry the fruit for a dessert are predicated on this if finishing a meal with a fruit, we are choosing a healthful dessert and avoid resorting to some sweet or fatty dessert.  In additionthey also assert that choosing dessert fruit is almost always a fantastic option if you’re on a wholesome diet or menu.

On the other hand, people who defend it is better to carry fruit before the main meals assert that, in doing this, we confront food with less appetite, since the fruit is satiated owing to its contribution of fiber, so we will consume less.  They additionally maintain the theory that taking fruit before foods  facilitates digestion and increased absorption of the nutrients of the fruit.

One option is apparent: taking fruit in the middle of the morning or mid afternoon helps keep the metabolism active and, in addition, allows individuals to wager on a wholesome snack and give more caloric options.

So, when is it better to drink fruit?

What we should be clear about is that the fruit contributes the same calories it occurs if it is taken.  The fruit will always contain the same amount of calories eaten in the time of day it is consumed.  Therefore, the key is to find the caloric balance .

As we said before, the important thing is to take fruit within a healthful and balanced diet.  If we have made an extremely caloric and hefty meal in which we have crossed the line, evidently it will not be the best idea to top it off taking coconut dessert (which is just one of the most caloric fruits).

The caloric balance is not achieved in a single meal, even if not with a balanced diet during the day.

The importance of eating fruit

What we has to be apparent is that fruit is essential in our diet, since it provides a lot of vitamins and minerals essential to our body.  In addition, the fruit has antioxidant effects, provides fiber, moisturizes and helps purify the body, among other virtues.

We should also keep in mind that not all of fruits have the same caloric intake.  There are fruits which contribute more calories, such as watermelon, apple, melon or grapefruit and fruits with higher caloric intake like peanuts, coconut, dates and avocados.

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