Early Years of Tyrone Power and How He Became Hollywood Star

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Tyrone Power, Jr. , also called Tyrone Power, III, came out of a very long line of famous actors. His great-grandfather, additionally called Tyrone Power, was a famous Irish comedian whose youngest son, Tyrone’s grandfather, Harold Littledale Power, was a stage actor before he married. Tyrone’s grandmother, Ethel Lavenu, was also a celebrity. His mother, Helen Emma Reaume, was a Shakespearean celebrity and play coach. His father, Frederick Tyrone Edmund Power, performed in American theaters for thirty years prior to starting another career as a villain in the silent films of D.W. Griffith and other wonderful directors.

Tyrone Edmund Power, Jr. , was born May 5, 1914, in Cincinnati, Ohio. When his parents divorced, Tyrone and his sister, Anne, remained in close contact with their father. His mother returned to acting and introduced Tyrone to the stage. In December of 1931, Tyrone, who had been 17 in the time, was in Chicago performing with his father once again Tyrone Power, Sr. suffered a heart attack and died in his son’s arms.

Tyrone has been given a minor part in the 1936 love Girls’ Dormitory where he finally attracted the attention of the public, but he still fought to maintain his studio contract. He examined for Lloyd’s of London and was given the lead function as Jonathan Blake with fourth billing. Tyrone’s performance in this film cinched his film career and made him a Hollywood celebrity. The following year, he starred in five films, including Dion O’Leary in the 1937 critically acclaimed play In Old Chicago. His functions in 1938 were both powerful as Roger Grant in Alexander’s Ragtime Band and Ferdinand p Lesseps in the play Suez.

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