Drinking a bottle of wine a week can also cause cancer

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Surely over once you’ve discovered that drinking a glass of crimson wine during foods is excellent for your health as a result of its high material of phenophenols, micro nutrients with good antioxidant power.  Well currently a research claims that drinking an equivalent to one bottle a week could cause cancer; It is significantly more, it equates to smoke five cigars a week in the instance of guys and … to ten in girls!

The work, published in BMC Public Health, cautions that its consumption is not quite as idyllic as they advised us and concludes it is especially harmful if you smoke“There is a lot of talk about just how awful tobacco is, yet to drink a bottle of wine the week is bad either “.

Deaths annually from smoking and drinking alcohol

Smoking triggers seven million deaths a year and drinking alcohol a little over three, but socially it is better observed the moment compared to the first.  The analysis is more alarming in the instance of guys, since it associates moderate amounts of alcohol intake with an increase cancer risk.

More specifically, the outcomes of the study were the following: in guys who don’t smoke, drinking a bottle of wine a week increased the risk of cancer by 1 per cent; for non-smoking ladies, the percent was 1.4.


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