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The shirt collar pin appeared at the beginning of the twentieth century, even as soon as a couturier came up with the magnificent idea of ​​fastening the collar of shirts with a safety pin. Still for this very day it is still unknown who dressmaker had been the writer of this neck. It is characterized by having the tips close together to have the ability to join them with a pin or a safety pin, they are typically elongated and sometimes buttoned, although every time you visit pin collar collars with shorter and rounder tips.

The main benefit of the pin collar is that it manages to create the knot of the tie appearance and have considerably prominence.  To achieve this impact, we urge that the knot be tight and narrow.  This kind of throat is not suitable for all types of complexions, since the collar pin expands the dimensions of the neck and head.

It has been the most fashionable shirt collar in the 20s of the final century one of the top category of North America.  His prominence in American fashion was viewed on the big display, in films like Scarface or in series like Boardwalk Empire, where you are able to observe this kind of collar in most the shirts of his protagonist “Nucky” Thompson.

Even however he’s appeared in several films or series, it has always been difficult to allow him to cross the pond and also hit Europe.  Some very famous European manufacturers have established versions with this kind of collar in many phases, but have not needed the anticipated outcomes.


But this tendency changed a couple of years back as it has finally started to become a throat worn by Europeans to wear an elegant appearance with a classic touch.  This change of tendency aided the movie The Great Gatsby at which Leonardo Di Caprio seems during the film with this form of neck having an extremely elegant appearance.  I additionally contribute its bit to make this shirt collar shirt Mad Men, in which his protagonist Don Draper struggles to remain on top of the advertising consistently well dressed in shirts with collar pin collars.

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