Bitdefender Box 2 protects your entire home network from attack

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Most folks already know to install antivirus software whenever they receive a new notebook before they turned into a soft target for hackers, however as we fill our houses with an ever-wider variety of internet-connected devices, we have to begin looking at protecting our entire home networks rather than simply individual devices.

Cybersecurity has made the headlines around the planet in recent weeks, with organisations from the NHS into FedX infected by ransomeware, and information which virtually which the CPUs in almost all notebooks and tablets are vulnerable to attack due to the Spectre and Meltdown bugs. Whilst the scale of these issues have made them frontpage news, they represent just a tiny fraction of the security dangers facing internet users daily.

Keeping your operating system, antivirus, and other applications up-to-date must maintain most folks ’s notebooks fairly well protected, however not each device has such tight security. Many folks don’t run antivirus whatsoever in their smartphone or tablet, and the majority of them Mac consumers think they are secure from viruses and malware thanks to a misleading ad campaigns from Apple over the previous decade.

An increasing number people have started to install linked speakers, televisions, light-bulbs, thermostats, and other devices to our home networks – items which are increasingly becoming targets for hackers. 2016 saw the first large scale usage by hackers using a botnet composed of infected home devices in an attack that brought down the entire internet for millions of Americans on the oriental sea-board, therefore it is all about time we took security the Internet of Things (IoT) more seriously.

IoT devices don’t possess the processing power to run antivirus software, and a few producers are so lax as to hardwire in an administrator password and username. Therefore, the single method to maintain these devices protected is to install some kind of shield which monitors and protects the entire home network, and also security firm Bitdefender is among the companies which has stepped up to create a device which does exactly that with it#8217;s newest Bitdefender Box 2 ($199 + $99/yr subscription).

The Box is security-focused router which protects some other IoT devices on your network from malware, stolen passwords, identity theft, spying, along with a variety of other dangers, as well as offering a handy collection of parental controls. Or, for people with an ISP-supplied router, the Box may be installed alongside this device to provide the same amount of protection for your network. Bitdefender also packages the Box with a subscription for their Bitdefender Total Security 2018 bundle to ensure all your notebooks tablets, and tablet computers will remain protected once you’re using them everywhere, like on the public WiFi in your neighborhood coffee store.

Most routers on the market now only offer you a basic firewall, and were not designed to provide always-on protection for the increasing quantity of IoT devices we are installing in our houses. If you’d like to find out whether your home network is exposed to attack, then Bitdefender provide a completely free IoT vulnerability scanner which will identify any risks you might now face – it might only be the wake-up telephone you want to carry home network security a bit more seriously!

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