Bitcoin and Altcoins Signaling Bearish Correction

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After a solid upward movement, bitcoin price adjusted lower and settled under the USD 4,000 degree. BTC/USD is now (UTC 08:00 AM) consolidating in a variety and facing a solid resistance close the USD 4,000 degree. If it continues to confront sellers around USD 4,000, there might be a short-term bearish reaction towards the USD 3,900 service region. Similarly, ethereum price is currently trading under the USD 140 resistance and struggling to climb higher. Ripple price appears to be consolidating above USD 0. 312, however there is a risk of a downside extension towards the USD 0. 310 support.

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Total market capitalization

Bitcoin price

After bullish moves, bitcoin price declined below USD 4,000 and analyzed the USD 3,950 service level. Later, BTC/USD began trading in a tight array and it feels like buyers are finding it difficult to transparent the USD 4,000 and USD 4,010 resistance levels. If they continue to fight, there is a risk of a downside reaction involving the USD 3,950 or USD 3,900 service region.
On the other hand, a suitable closure and follow above USD 4,000 might perhaps call for greater upsides over the USD 4,050 resistance degree in the coming sessions.

Ethereum price

Ethereum price adjusted lower and settled under the USD 140 service amount. ETH/USD is now trading well under the USD 140 support, with a bearish angle and it feels like it might decline towards the USD 135 support.
On the upside, the main resistance is at USD 140, over which the price is likely to revisit the USD 145 resistance region and this month’s high.

Bitcoin money, eos and ripple price

Bitcoin money price faced a powerful selling interest near the USD 165 degree and it corrected under the USD 160 level. BCH/USD can continue to proceed and it might check the next crucial support at USD 150.
EOS is moving lower and it is now trading under USD 3. 70. An immediate service is currently at USD 3. 65, under which the price could decline towards the USD 3. 62 support. On the upside, the key resistances are USD 3. 75 and USD 3. 80.
Ripple price failed to remain in the positive zone and declined below the USD 0. 314 support. XRP/USD is presently holding the USD 0. 312 support, but there is a risk of greater losses towards the USD 0. 311 or USD 0. 310 support zone.

Other altcoins marketplace now

Despite bearish moves in ethereum and ripple, a couple of little cap altcoins gained traction, including KIN, RVN, MXM, KCS, KNC, ENJ, XLM and WAN. Out of these, KIN rallied greater than 35percent and RVN is up near 15%.

Overall, bitcoin is trading in a tight array and it appears to be preparing for the second break either over USD 4,000 below USD 3,950. If there is a downside correction, BTC buyers are likely to shield the key USD 3,900 service, which has been a solid resistance this last week.

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Bitcoin and Altcoins Signaling Bearish Correction 102

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