Benefits of stretching for the body

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A very common mistake in people who begin in athletics is to skip the second of stretching.  In reality, it is extremely common to suppose they aren’t important or you could perform without them.  However, stretching helps prevent possible injuries, improve circulation and maintain muscles flexible and wholesome.

And what is the best time to perform it?  Experts urge stretching the muscles involved in the exercise if it is still hot, reaching a point where you notice the tension but without feeling pain.  Holding 15 seconds will be sufficient to unwind.  Although, many times, it is vital to add to the daily routine several activity associated with flexibility and stretching, in which these elements have been worked more completely.  For instance, through Active Global Streching (SGA).

Through this application, not all the benefits of that a fantastic stretch are all used, but in a single session the moves essential to elongate the different muscle chains of the body are combined.  This achieves an improvement in the functionality  as well as aids the alignment of the joints and the correction of the posture.

Lydia Fernández, Director of the Core Pilates Energy Center, creates a little distinction between the SGA plus a standard stretch, and also is that the first is performed with muscle, since, guarantees “thus the length gained is greater”, and more lasting In addition, Fernandez defends that individuals who attempt it out of the classroom more relaxed and with a massive feeling of lightness.  It seems great, right?  So one approach to take the first contact with this technique is to practice ‘The position of the frog ‘.  Under this curious name 2 variants have been included, which is done on the flooring (all of the rear and thighs encouraged ) and in the air, in which the legs have been put on the wall.  With these 2 exercises a fairly complete stretch of the lower part of the body is achieved.

Stretching is yet another component of the exercise, and not only is it great for your wellbeing, but aesthetically it is also noticeable.  The muscles will appear slimmer and not as stiff, and the posture will be more stylized when regaining the lost flexibility.  Therefore, the next time you move for a run or practice sport, don’t forget about stretching!

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