Basic fashion guide for summer

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Summer is already felt these days and shouldn’t be a reason to spoil the style.  We spoke with the Fashion Hunt writer, Daniel Trelles, and these are his recommendations for not failing in the office and in much more casual environments during the following months.

What are the basic clothes of summer 2019? For casual occasions you constantly need to get a light jacket for summer, a basic shirt, a fantastic pair of fabric trousers and solid jeans, as well as sneakers and a strap which combine.

What characterizes the clothes of this year?  It is important that the textures of the garment and the fabrics are suitable for summer, that is, they are lighter to deal with the heat.

What are the tendencies in colours?  The colours ‘navy’, blue, beige or ground are compulsory for the executive this year.  Then, that you must think about suits of these colours and combine them with basic clothes.

What are the many frequent mistakes in the summer?  In fashion you can be liberated and have a kind of carte blanche to build their own appearances, depending on the image that you wish to project.  However, it is important to treat the notions of the garments.

What is the most urged to go to work?  Definitely blazers and light suits are the best option for hot times.

Is it simple to fail with summer clothes in the office?  The notch or #8216;fit’ shouldn’t be disregarded.  For instance, a blazer is not too big or too small or the trousers have a fantastic enough.  Then, that you must check in the colours, textures and details, like the accessories.


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