Air Hogs Supernova brings the fun of motion control to budget-priced drones

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Small drones have rapidly been coming down in price over the previous couple of decades, however with so many options now available it has become increasingly difficult for manufacturers to stand out.

Whilst the $500+ drone marketplace has seen producers include bells and whistles like 4K cameras and innovative image stabilisation. Air Hogs, however, has decided to maintain things fun and also have produced a sub-$40 kid-friendly drone that is controlled by motion detector instead of the traditional clunky but functional distant control.

The Air Hogs Supernova is a little quadcopter encased in a plastic polyhedron cage that is spacious enough to fit the spinning blades which lift the drone. In complete, the Supernova has a diameter of approximately 5.1 inches &# 1 8211; roughly the size of a shot put or lawn bowls chunk. The cage round it is not just perfect for protecting the orb itself but also for protecting kids from getting their little fingers too near to the

However, the exciting bit about this orb is the way that it is regulated — there is not any distant control and it does not sync with your telephone – you control it with simple hand gestures. A laser detector on the underside of the drone along with four infrared detectors around the sides pick up your hands gestures. The Supernova then interprets your hands moves and gestures itself in a variety of directions – updown, left, right, forward, and rear.

Getting began with the Supernova is as simple as switching it around and waiting for the LED heart to turn solid green (if it’s red then you definitely want to place the orb responsible for a couple minutes). Once it’s prepared, you lightly throw it into the air and may begin controlling it with your palms — pushing it forward and back or passing it side to side.

As you are comfortable, you can advance from these basic motions and commence to master a few of the Supernova’s “Super Tricks”, for example the Super Spinner, Orbiter, and Boomerang. There are over 30 moves and nine Super Tricks to understand — meaning of fun learning to master every attribute.

All-in-all, it’s a futuristic-looking flying orb which will keep the kids entertained with sufficient tricks to maintain the adults entertained too.

You get approximately 5-7 minutes of playtime in a 45-minute fee, after which the central LED heart will begin to glow crimson and you know it is time to recharge. You also get a few replacement blades in the package, so if you decide to make some mistakes when getting started, you can pop the blade away and replace it in minutes to return to playing with the flying machine.

Check out this getting started video and also receive your personal Air Hogs Supernova in

The article was written in collaboration with Air Hogs.

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