A mountain range is a concert hall for this musical duo

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The Musical Mountaineers transmit a violin and piano trails to do in covert wilderness locations.

Imagine hiking together a remote trail, snowy mountain peaks around, and you think you listen the faint strains of a violin, the soft chords of a piano. Impossible! You keep walkingconfused by the noise that is getting slightly louder, and then you see it a duet, setup by the side of the trail. A pianist and a violinist are serenading the wilderness, and you happen to be fortunate enough to stumble upon it.

These are the Musical Mountaineers, Rose and Anastasia, who have great joy in performing their music in distant settings. Since 2017, the two friends have played in over 40 locations around the Pacific Northwest and just a blessed 30 individuals or so have witnessed their concerts in person.

The pair doesn’t show the locations of their performances for a few explanations. As explained in their website, “We want to abide by Leave No Trace ethics, which includes no group size in a wilderness area of over 12 people.” They also like to do in sunrise, which means leaving from the trailhead during the night, also the concerts are extremely impulsive and weather-dependent.

Musical Mountaineers 2© Karen Wang

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