A Guide to Men’s Suit Styles, Types, Fits and details

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Although private preferences are what frequently select the choice of a suit, in general we require help when dressing , especially young people, who sometimes require some hints to hit the crucial when they purchase their first suit.  Thankfully, everybody, both young and older, has MENStyles to give a hand.

How several kinds of suits are there?

There are a variety of styles, designs and lace, but the suits of coat, shirt and trousers could be grouped into three big groups:

Classic fit: a safe wager

It is the classic trim, it is not tight but not overly loose.  Perfect for beginners, but not for teens.  This kind of suit may give a negative feeling placed on the body of a young person too young, since it can be big.  Normally, a classic fit is the one employed daily by most companies and employees in the office.  It is much more serious than tasteful.

Slim fit: tightens but does not drown

The slim fit is a narrower design, which enriches the silhouette better, especially from the waist . It is a kind of suit intended mainly for individuals with thin or athletic figures. Narrow and rather shorts give the sneakers the opportunity to show off longer and better. The risk point is located in the socks, so they need to be a sensible choice since they will be in view of everybody. Even many select pinkies or never wear them. It is the ideal suit to wear in the most important commitments of the year .

Modern fit, the best of the previous joined in a design

This is the subtle combination of the previous fashions.  Dedicated to those individuals who search for the same impact of the slim fit but with greater comfort.  The brief of the trousers is not quite as aggressive and both coat and shirt have straight characteristics that are reminiscent of the classic design.

Within these 3 fashions evolve other designs which decorate or accentuate the basic characteristics of every suit, for example tailored fit, custom made fit or superslim fit.

The colour of the suit may improve it or it may turn it into a disguise

The colour of the suit will communicate 1 sensation or another depending on the choice we make.  There are quite a few colors which are more socially approved, but there are other colours more risky that say a lot about our personality.

The three primary colors of the suit

Black, dark grey and navy blue.  These are the dyes with which you will not fail.  It is going to guarantee, but that is why our image will not be as tasteful, moreover, these tones are easier to combine and will give us greater freedom when choosing accessories.  Ideal to go to work and formal and informal appointments .

This is the equation: if you’re going to wear the evening apparel, pick a dark shade; If you’re going to exhibit it in broad daylight, better get yourself a lighter colour.  If the situation involves spending and night dressed in it, our suit has to be half horse between a single fashion and another.

This same principle of three needs to be applied to summertime and winter, which is, the colder it is, the darker it should be, while in summer you’ll be able to wager on lighter colours.

The ultimate in elegance, the costumes

After much experience being a tasteful individual, we may view ourselves in the position to attend a gala event.  This is a territory in which not everybody is ready.  However, guys, yet again, have an easier choice than that of our comparatives. These are the three kinds of tuxedos you can and must wear in a gala event.


Classical one of the classics, a secure option with wonderful elegance.  It is the ideal choice for tag events but not at the highest degree, like cocktails or awards, but over time the tuxedo has evolved and now is considered a perfect tag for virtually any function.

It is known as smoking coat because originally it had been the coat that the English gentlemen utilized in their nights to maintain the odor of cigarette impregnated in the remainder of the clothes.  This consists of coat, shirt and bow tie which gives meaning to everything.  If it is worn with a coat, it has to remain black, the white scarf and the hat has to be a cup or bowler hat.

The points in favor it has are: versatility, just one approved colour (black), cheaper price compared to its 2 label competitors and the possibility of feeling James Bond.

Chaqué(Morning apparel )

It is an official suit that includes a vest and additionally an unmistakable coat with very special characteristics.  This kind of suit is earmarked for the high level behaves which are renowned for the day.  The protocol says that you ought to wear, at most, until the beginning of the afternoon.

It reminds us quite of the design of the Peaky Blinders series, and it has its origin in England.  It is also called ‘tomorrow’s suit’.  It is generally viewed at weddings, wearing godparents, witnesses or perhaps the groom.

Its components are a coat with tail (not provided the tail), shirt, vest, tie and pants.


It is the merely suit for guys dedicated to functions of the highest degree.  It is considered the most tasteful costume since it is designed to attend events like operas, official receptions or gala dinners.

It consists of shirt, vest, bow tie and tail coat.  This version is so classic it doesn’t ordinarily undergo variations except the alternation between black and white which could exist depending upon the hour in which the behave is celebrated.

Basic tips to survive a day in costume

The coat and the trousers aren’t everything.  Finish the article knowing the remainder of things which you ought to bear in mind while wearing a suit.

  • Hair and sneakers really are the elements of you that glow, if you get equally dazzled you will have half the perform done.
  • The colour of the belt ought to be the like that of the shoes.
  • The colour of the handkerchief shouldn’t be the like that of the coat or the tie, if the coat is dark style to get a lighter colour and vice versa.
  • If you need to wear a watch, don’t be sporty.
  • Take off your necklaces
  • Sneakers and suit?  Yes, but constantly in informal circles.
  • Innovate in the knot of the tie can end in disaster, the simple wager: Windsor knot
  • Do not misuse add-ons.

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