9 companion herbs to help repel insects

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Strategically planting these herbs in your backyard may help discourage plant fleas… and are a delicious harvest as well.

One thing nobody desires to see in the backyard is their beautiful crops being devoured by fleas. I imply, the little men just desire to consume also. But, no. The awfulness (and agricultural price ) of seeing our meals consumed by insects has given rise to that a gazillion dollar pesticide industry, which in turn is its environmental nightmare. So what is a house gardener to do?

Use plants. That’s right, by plotting out the backyard to ensure companion plants live near one another, all kinds of magic occurs. Just like individuals have great chemistry with a few neighbors and not so much with others, planting harmonious plants together might help them thrive.

There are some mechanisms by which crops may help or hinder one another, however, among my favorites is that certain insects actually dislike certain plants. So rather than dousing the backyard in poison, an individual can let the plants perform the operate instead. And these crops possess a built-in incentive: Insects might not have a preference for them, but people do.

1. SAGE: To fend off cabbage moths and carrot rust flies. Plant second to cabbageand carrots; stay away from sodas.

2. ROSEMARY: Deters cabbage moths, carrot rust flies, also Mexican bean beetles. Plant close cabbage, beans, and carrots.

3. DILL: Another option for repelling cabbage moths — but eliminate carrots. The Spruce explains that dill is very good for attracting attracting beneficial insects and is a host plant for black swallowtail butterflies, noting, “you will lose a little dill while the larvae feed, but they are not around for long and the butterflies are lovely.”

4. BASIL: Is offensive to asparagus beetle and the tomato hornworm.

5. CHIVES: Aphids and Japanese beetles don’t like chives, also great to plant close carrots. Be careful here however, chives spread quickly (maybe not an issue in my backyard since we consume them up).

6. PARSLEY: Repels asparagus beetles. Good to plant nearby asparagus, corn, and tomatoes.

7. OREGANO: Repels cabbage moths; is a kind companion to all veggies.

8. MINT: Deters aphids, cabbage moths, and rodents. Also great to plant close berries.

9. THYME: Deters cabbage worm.

Things to recall: All gardens are different and have their own personalities. As well, different zones will have different demands. The key is to attempt various combinations and see what works. Some of these herbs may disperse like crazy given the right conditions, others will not. If anything seems like it is spreading a lot of, keep it contained and snip branches to location at which you would like them to execute their duties. And should things move to flower, maybe not to stress — many of the blossoms on these herbs are as delicious (and much more beautiful) than their leaves!

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