8 baby houseplants we’re obsessing over

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Dare we declare it, these pixie plants are as cute as a kitten.

When I first stumbled upon the online baby plant store called, wait for itOnline Babyplants, I basically had the same reaction I might had I struck a sizable pile of frolicking kittens, finish with many lengthy and audible AWWWs. The bait of all-things-in-miniature is powerful, and these fill the bill. My first idea was that these could be ideal for tiny houses, before realizing that’s the kind of thinking that’s individuals buying a cute little pet pig and ending up with a 650-pound version… and having to proceed to a different residence.

These trousers are babies, but they will not be teacup versions eternally. Which results in a different kind of pleasure: A) If you’re ordering plants online, these streamlined versions are more eco-friendly and practical and B) watching a baby plant mature into a majestic giant is a magical thing.

Online Babyplants only ships in the European Union, but doesn’t create these cutie-pies less inspiring. If you are not in the EU, you may start looking for wee plants in the regional nursery or perform your own cuttings… and then prepare to cultivate your personal jungle.

1. Monstera adansonii

baby plant&backup; Online Babyplants (used with permission)

It’s per baby monster(a)! Also called the “Philodendron monkey mask,” the monstera plant stems from Central and South America. It is a amazing-looking plant, with its big perforated leaves — and superbly called for the Latin monstrum, meaning monster, as of the species propensity to grow. And grow. And grow. These babies will not stay little for long.

2. Spider plant

baby plant© Online Babyplants (used with permission)

One of the planet’s hottest hanging crops, the spider plant — and it’s cute plantlets — produced the list of 5 houseplants for removing indoor air pollution and 6 houseplants to improve well-being.

3. Peperomia raindrop

baby plant© Online Babyplants (used with permission)

The big and glistening raindrop-shaped of this appropriately termed pepper plant could boost anyone’s mood. While this plant originally comes from the Amazon place, it does not require rainforest conditions to thrive.

4. Fishbone cactus

baby plant&backup; Online Babyplants (used with permission)

Also referred Epiphyllum anguliger, the fishbone cactus will grow up to be a totally frowsy explosion of zig-zag leaves and stalks. They nearly seem like bean versions of ferns — bonus points due to their night-blooming flowers and the simplicity of which cuttings could be replanted.

5. String of pearls

baby plant© Online Babyplants (used with permission)

Be still my heart. Senecio rowleyanus is possibly my favorite houseplant because of its extended weeping stems studded with pea-like leaves — the pearls. It’s a succulent which does not require direct sunlight — it does not require much water and is a cinch to replant cuttings. So, basically: enjoyable, tasteful, and not quite demanding.

6. Polka scatter begonia

baby plant© Online Babyplants (used with permission)

This Brazilian attractiveness, Begonia maculata’Wightii’ is also called the polka dot begonia, for obvious (and cute ) motives. I imply this is a polka-dotted baby plant, does it get any cuter than that?

7. Alocasia zebrina

baby plant&backup; Online Babyplants (used with permission)

Alocasia zebrina has its zebra-easque title from the pattern onto its fairly stem. While the baby zebra plant is currently adorable as a colt, it develops to become an elegant plant with extended reaching stalks and dramatic arrow-shaped leaves.

8. Chinese currency plant

baby plant&backup; Online Babyplants (used with permission)

Pilea peperomioides is known as the pancake plant, nicknamed because of its charming round leaves… which also seem like coins, leading to yet another moniker: the Chinese cash plant. This blessed plant (which is said to bring in money and prosperity ) produced our list of seven houseplants to conquer the winter blues. Pilea is quite easy to grow from cuttings, meaning that a flock of them might be bringing additional great fortune in no time in any way.

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