7 cocktail recipes inspired by Victory Gardens for the Fourth of July

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It’s hot and it’s a holiday so we recycle this post from a few years ago.

I’m not supposed to admit this but I love fireworks. I know they are evil, as is everything else that is fun to do, but I love them. And for that reason, the Fourth of July was one of my favorite holidays growing up. For one, my dad’s side of the family are all pyros so the fireworks displays were always…top notch. And my mom loved too cook (and party) so we usually had a huge block party with many, many people, tons of food and lots of explosions. It was perfect!

Of course, we all celebrate freedom and our independence in different ways. Which, after having a chat about food with Mariel Hemingway<, made me realize, we don't have as much power over what we eat as we think we do. Especially when you see residential gardens under attack by city officials and what not.

So for this 4th of July, I want to honor the Victory Garden! Well, that and booze. Here are some fun and tasty cocktails, fresh from the garden.

Lavender Splash Cocktail

Crisp with lavender and rum, this cocktail is best enjoyed while strolling through the garden. It uses both fresh and dried lavender.

Medlock Ames Lavender Splash Cocktail© jerry James Stone

Roasted Apricot Margarita (Made with Beer)

Beer enthusiasts might shun using beer in a mixed drink but all I have to say is “more for me!” This margarita is oozing with roasted fruit and so refreshing.

    Roasted Apricot Margarita (Made with Beer)© jerry James Stone

Raspberry and Serrano Sangri­a

I love spicy. So that flavor creeps to almost every thing I make, even ice creams and cocktails. This raspberry sangria is so flavorful very easy to drink it should come with a warning.

raspberry serrano sangria photo© Jaymi Heimbuch

The girl & the fig’s Lavender Mojito

A fun twist on the classical mojito, I never tire of lavender. The simple syrup you use to make this drink can also be used in lemonades or other desserts. Sky is the limit!

Lavender Mojito© jerry James Stone

Ginger-Orange Cocktail Made with Bourbon and Sake

Bourbon, sake, orange and ginger. The fact that this even works is a miracle but I bet you cannot drink just three!

Bourbon, Fresh Ginger and Orange Cocktail© jerry James Stone

Bourbon and Berries

This drink tastes just like pie. The foamy top (created using a Pilsner) is toasty and yummy. There is a reason it is coined as Liquid Pie.

Bourbon and Berry Cocktail© jerry James Stone

Strawberry Basil Sangria Tastes Like Spring

You didn’t think I would let you off with only one sangria, did you? Fresh basil and tart strawberries make this drink a summertime favorite.

Strawberry Basil Sangria© Jerry James Stone via iPhone

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