4 Type of Massage Therapies and Their Benefits

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The question “How to relax?” Hardly arises in a modern city dweller.  There is indeed much entertainment around you need to filter information and select from countless of offers.  One of the most enjoyable forms of relaxation is massage.  He not just calms, but also has a healing effect.  Even if we discard all placebo effects like stress on points, special Chinese vitality and other magic, massage improves blood circulation, relieves stress, relaxes psychologically and promotes mood.

In this article we will speak about many forms of relaxation of human anatomy and soul, which provide Thai massage lotions. The benefit of this massage is that it improves psychological and physical wellness. Thai lotions have uses, which can be masters from Thailand that are well acquainted with various forms of massage and SPA from oriental medicine.

1. Traditional Thai massage

Many individuals think that Thai massage is when a girl pushes her breasts against the human own body, you’re all covered in oils, incense and pleasant gloom.  If you eliminate friction from this list by protruding intimate components, then everything else is accurate.  The massage is done on a mat in special clothes, so maintain your erotic fantasies with you.  This massage will relieve from stiffness in the body, crush and heat up the “wooden” muscles.  Here you will work the spine and joints, of course, observing the principles, in order to not injury.  The duration of one session is from one hour to 2, so you will enjoy nearly all the delights of massage, which previously was available only to emperors.

2. Aromatherapy

Massage with oils is not just pleasant, but also helpful.  Well, if you believe in oriental magic, then for you it will also be a medical process.  By the manner, this is a superb option for a date.  Imagine: you and your girlfriend lie in a nice setting, surrounded by the scents of incense and aromatic oils.  Aromatherapy improves well-being and improves mood.  In addition, your friend will appreciate the way the oils moisturize, nourish and tone the skin.

3. SPA

Almost every individual heard about SPA, and it might be superfluous to explain what it is.  In USA it’s possible to visit several forms of SPA, but a lot of all we liked “Elixir of Beauty”.  This process is specifically designed for individuals with dry skin.  First, you visit a cedar cone, in which you steam the skin, and then a java wash is applied to a entire body for cleaning.  At the finish, a moisturizing lotion is applied to a entire body.  This process is designed for girls.

For men, the SPA process under the title “Emperor” will probably be interesting.  And this is not a dull title, but a complete complicated of procedures.  First, you steam the skin in a saltwater, after which you’re exposed to salt peeling with a clean with sea salt and special healing oils.  Scrub will cleanse and rejuvenate your skin, also make it even more elastic and resilient.  In the final, you will have a four-hand massage.  The process lasts 2 hoursand we think it will be just one of the trendiest types of holiday which you’ve ever tried.

4. Aqua Body Slim

Very cool gift for your girlfriend, if she cares about her figure.  A individual lays down in the “Aqua body slim” device, then a waterproof fabric is applied onto it, then which in three sides 36 jets of water are fed into the body under different strain.  Someone doesn’t have to do anything to eliminate weight – the device will do everything.  Isn’t that the fantasy of many of our friends?  According into the stories of the specialists “Aqua body Slim” eliminates up to a and a half kilograms of mass in only 1 session, and the waistline declines by 1-3 centimeters.  For 14 days, specialists promise a drop in quantity from 10 centimeters or longer.

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