2017 Cars to Avoid at All Costs

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Buying a brand new car could be exciting, and lots of folks dream of the day they could buy new instead of used. Yet that fantasy can turn into a nightmare–lots of men and women create the mistake of paying thousands for an automobile that is just a money pit. There’s nothing much worse than purchasing a new car just to have to invest a great deal of money in repairs on it within one year. If you are thinking about buying a new car this season, below are a few of them the automobiles you need to avoid at all prices.

The Mitsubishi Mirage

This automobile is consistently on the list of vehicles to avoid! While the 100,000-mile 10-year powertrain warranty is tempting, it’s also limited. Consumer Reports gives the Mirage its lowest rating. Many individuals love the gasoline mileage this car provides, together with the price tag plus a basic bundle under $13,000. You’re paying for a inexpensive car, however, also the Mirage rides like you. The three-cylinder engine induces the entire vehicle to shake and vibrate.

The Jeep Patriot

This is another vehicle, according to Forbes, that delivers an incredibly demanding ride although it feels like it should not. The great news is that 2017 is the this past year this crossover SUV will likely be produced. It does have all-wheel-drive, but that is about the only good that could be said for the Patriot. Drivers state it seems obsolete, the interior seems cheap, and it does not get good gas mileage. You’ll find quite a few other SUVs on the marketplace offering a more powerful engine and a much more comfortable ride.


The Fiat 500L

If you’re looking for a compact car, the Fiat 500L might seem like a nice option. It gets about 27 miles a gallon, and also entirely loaded it’s under $25,000. But while it can look like it contains all the distance you need and manages well, the Fiat 500L has many downsides that Consumer Reports believes make it an automobile to avoid. Its road-tests came back with black marks to get a ride which has been stiff and uncomfortable due to the automobile’s flat chairs. A poll of owners from 2016 reveals that many wish they had left a different buy.

The Land Rover Discovery Sport

If you are paying upwards of 40,000 to get a vehicle, you anticipate it to be reliable and comfy. Unfortunately, the Discovery Sport falls short of more or less all expectations. The vehicle often finds itself at the underside of compact luxury SUV lists. One important difficulty is it’s hit-or-miss acceleration. You might measure the gasoline one time and receive very little power. The next time, you receive more than you anticipated. Transmission issues were reported.

The Toyota Tacoma

The Tacoma looks like a rocky truck which would satisfy everybody, from the farmer that uses it daily to feed animals to the urban resident that occasionally needs to transfer a sofa. However, reviews have listed a issue with the braking distance and handling. Others have noticed that the truck feels obsolete. Reviews pointed these defects outside in 2015, and nothing has changed since.

The Chrysler 200

Chrysler has a solid reputation for producing great quality, comfortable automobiles, however the Chrysler 200 misses the markers. This vehicle is Chrysler’s new midsize sedan, however Consumer Reports speeds it really low. Edmunds backs up this rating, pointing out , at greatest, the Chrysler 200 is mediocre. Poor functionality and handling were cited as the main issues.

Don’t allow these cars frighten you away from finding your dream car. While this group could possibly be filled with cautionary automobiles, there are hundreds of other versions that provide reliability, a comfortable driving experience, and quality operation for many years to come. There is jumped to be a trusted vehicle out there that is ideal for your requirements!

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